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  • How to Avoid Technology Disasters

    Buy quality products and enlist the assistance of professionals only. Many disasters occur when a computer novice attempts to solve a minor problem. It is best if only one person works on your system. To examine the standards of PC Technical Service, see Upgrades and Custom Computers.

    Do regular backups. If your programs are on CDs or DVDs, you may think you do not need a backup. Without a backup, you can re install your programs but your valuable, time-consuming work will need to be recreated should a file become corrupted. With a reliable backup, both data and programs can be restored. The appropriate types of backup systems are explained in How to Buy a Computer.

    Eliminate unneeded files systematically. Learn your system's directory structure so you can maintain it. If you need instruction, contact us. Well-meaning individuals have deleted essential files rendering a system or network totally useless.

    Hard drive maintenance. While modern systems will automatically run defrag it is important to make sure it is happening.  It is also important to make sure SMART is enabled.  SMART will warn you approximately 60% of the time before a hard drive failure allowing you to save your work before repair.

    Keep your system clean but never use a vacuum. Dirt and dust eventually cause components to fail. Hard drives and fans are especially susceptible. PC Technical will clean your system as part of our preventive maintenance service.

    For each system, install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or high quality surge protector. An UPS surpasses a surge protector by allowing your work to be saved and the normal shut down of the system when you lose power. An adequate surge protector guarantees against damage up to $10,000 or more. Your purchase should have outlets for the computer and surge protection for the modem as well. It is impossible to purchase the necessary surge protection for $10 at your local hardware store. Damage from power surges is mostly preventable.

    Go to How to Avoid Virus Attacks and complete all 4 steps

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