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  • Detecting and Eliminating Computer viruses

    If your computer has been plagued with pop up windows and if you have found a rather large amount of spyware on your computer it is quite likely you have at least a few viruses as well. Many viruses target the more popular Anti Virus programs and disable them, making them useless. If your Anti Virus program is out of date and/or if the definitions are not current it is most likely useless. If you are not sure if you are using the most current version, check the manufacturers web site or call and ask. It is important to be sure. Use the update feature to update your definitions. We have found at PC Technical that even if you have a current Anti Virus and up to date definitions, if you have a lot of spyware almost always there are some viruses with it. To make sure we recommend not just an Anti Virus program, but running 2 online scans, then a scan with your current Anti Virus. This does take some time, but when you are done you can be fairly confident your machine is virus free.

    1. Go to You will need to download a small file. Make sure you put it where you can find it. I usually put it right on the desktop. Now open the file. It will immediately check for any updates.  Once it is finished you can begin your scan.  It may take some time, but let if finish.  Once it is finished, let it remove any infections then restart the computer.  Now run it again, but first open the link just below the start button call “settings” and choose “complete system scan” then start the scan.  It will most likely take some time (over an hour).   If the previous scan came up clean and this one came up clean, you can be reasonably certain your system is clean of viruses. If either scans revealed virus activity, restart your system, return to this page and run both scans again. Many viruses hide themselves in files or in the registry and can reinstall themselves on restart, making a restart and another scan very important. If you still see virus activity, you may need professional help. You can call us at 1-503-345-9143 and we will attempt to give you further information. There is a minimum $30 charge and more if it takes a long time and you may still need to take it to a professional.

    2. AVG Anti Virus by Grisoft Now run a scan with your Anti Virus. Make sure your program and definitions are current. If you need an Anti Virus, PC Technical recommends AVG professional at Now let your Anti Virus run a complete scan. If the previous 2 scans came up clean, healed or deleted infected files then this scan should be clean. If it is you are done. If you have found any viruses, you may want to run these scans again until they all come up clean.

    If you keep spyware off your system, update your Anti Virus often and let it scan often your Anti Virus should be enough. If you ever suspect your Anti Virus is not catching a virus return to the previous sites.

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