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Anti Virus and Security Suites


AVG Anti Virus by GrisoftBy Grisoft Software. AVG can be purchased with Antivirus only, Antivirus with firewall or AVG Security Suite. Set up and installation is very straight forward.


Online Virus and spyware scans

McAfee AVERT Stinger Download and run this program regularly. It will detect and eliminate many of the more common viruses. This is a great program if your Anti Virus is having trouble eliminating some viruses.

Trend Micro Free Virus Scan Scan your machine for viruses. This is a free service by Trend Micro

Panda Active Scan Scan your machine for viruses. This is a free service by Panda Software


Kerio offers a personal firewall and several firewall options for your server. Kerio blocks banner ads and pop ups. If you download and install the free version you will have all the features for 30 days, then it will become the free version unless you purchase the product.

ZoneAlarm Pro An excellent firewall. Very simple.

Gibson Research Check and see how well your firewall is working.

Arin Whois Find out who an IP address belongs to. Many firewall's will report an IP address, but not its owner.

Internet Browsers

Mozilla Firefox An excellent web browser. More secure than Internet Explorer. Has a built pop up blocker. Recomended by most computer professionals.

Slim Browser An excellent web browser. Has a built in pop up blocker and URL filter. You can add or delete any site you want from your Pop Up Blocker or URL filter. Slim Browser also lets you tab between web pages. Simple to use and very fast!

Spyware Prevention and Removal

Ad Aware Stops annoying ads by eliminating the unwanted cookies. This does a great job of stopping popup ads without interfering with necessary cookies.

CWShredder This product eliminates Cool Web Search and its variants.

Hijack This can be downloaded from this site.

Malwarebytes A very important tool for eliminating Malware and other threats.

SpywareInfo This web site is a good resource to obtain current information on spyware, pop up windows and other threats. Some useful downloads are also provided.

Spybot Search & Destroy One of the best solutions for eliminating spyware we have seen

Spyware Blaster 2 Prevents Spyware from being installed on you machine in the first place. Works extremely well with Spybot Search & Destroy

Webroot Spy Sweeper If you have Spyware that you just can't seem to get rid of Spyware Sweeper may well be the product to do the job. Webroot Spy Sweeper gives you a 30 day free trial.


Ace Utilities A great program for cleaning your registry, cleaning history, eliminating temp files and much more.

Atomic Clock Here is a great way to keep the clock in your computer accurate, down to the second. You can download a free sync utility.

CacheManXP can greatly improve the performance of you computer by optimizing several caches, auto-recovering RAM and fine tuning a number of system settings.

IO Bit Smart Defrag is a great utility to defrag your hard drive. Once it is set up, it will defrag your drive whenever your cpu usage is below a pre-set limit, which is by default 10%. We have found this utility very useful and it free to download and use.

O&O Software provides an excellent defrag program. It is more efficient and much faster than the defrag program that comes with Windows. O&O Software also provides O&O SafeErase, O&O UnErase and O&O DiskRecovery

System Mechanic Allows you to optimize Windows. An excellent program. This utility is great for optimizing your broadband connection and network.

TweakAll A great product for fine tuning your Windows and there is no charge to use it!

Check out Internet and Email Virus Hoaxes

Most virus warning are hoaxes. Use these sites to check them out.



Stop Email Spam

Sneakemail Sneakmail allows you to send and receive email and never give out your actual email address. An excellent way to enjoy chat rooms or buy online and not be bothered by spammers.

How to stop email spam For more detailed instructions on stopping Spam.

Help Stamp out SpammingBoycott Internet spam! Cauce Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email

Web Development

AMAYA A very useful WYSIWIG HTML editor. It is free and greatly simplifies entering tables. It is also very handy for entering text. If you need web pages that are compatible with any web browser this should be your editor or choice.

Anybrowser This site has many useful tools, in particular you can check to see which browsers your pages are compatible with.

The W3 Markup Validation Service Check your web site or the site of your web designer to see if it uses the W3 standards. This site will help you find and eliminate errors as well as compatibility problems with your web pages.

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